Brioche Burger is seeking like minded partners to Join the Brioche Burger team, we do not believe in franchising,  we believe in building lifelong partners to grow the Brioche Burger brand into one of the worlds best food brands. 

A Brand with first class directors and management

Brioche Burger is managed by experienced directors from the world of hospitality and finance, and with the addition of our new Executive head chef, formally head chef for a 2* Michelin Restaurant, and over 10 years experience in various world class eateries. Brioche Burger has the perfect recipe to build a restaurant brand to give years of rewards to last beyond our generation




If your application passes our initial screening, we will invite you to an interview with one of our senior management team.

Legal Documentation
Upon successful completion of the interview, we will make you a formal offer. This will then include signing all relevant paperwork, including a confidentiality agreement, deposit agreement and franchise agreement.

Unit Location

Our build team will then discuss your location needs in greater depth and will commission our property team to find units suitable for your needs and put forward a formal offer.

If the offer for the unit has been accepted, we will then have the relevant leasehold agreements drawn up.After this, Brioche Burger will send in our architects and builders who will construct the property to our specific requirements.

Marketing and Training
You will then receive all of your marketing material from our in-house designer as well as several week’s training in an existing franchise.

Opening Day
After these steps have been completed, your restaurant will be ready to open. Our Operations director, as well as our partnership team will be on hand to guide you through your opening weeks and provide optimum support and assistance. 

Complete our application form, and our partnership team will review and come back to you shortly